2-Tank Dive Trip



When we tell you that we will give you the best dive of your life, we are not kidding and take it very seriously. If not the best, second best and if we do not make it to these top two categories, we sure as hell will give you some of the best dives of your Cozumel Diving. Hands down.

Guiding you through the labyrinths of Palancar, or taking you through mind blowing swim throughs in Punta Sur Sur or Punta sur or any of the Colombia’s, or gliding along some of our flat shallow reefs is not just a random follow me style of guiding. Our routes are well studied to accommodate skill levels, different gases used, specific areas we want to take you to, certain Corals we would like to highlight. We want you Get to know Cozumel reefs on a very personal level.

All Levels of Experience Welcome

If you are a keen beginner diver…

…that is always striving to better their skill set, optimize their gear configuration, appreciate learning something new on every dive. We are equally as keen to hear from you.

If you are an advanced diver…

…that would like to go on dives that match your skill set, drop us a call.


If you are at instructor level…

…and not just any operation will do your expectations justice, we definitely want to hear from you.

If you are a tech diver, we should absolutely have a talk!

Call us or email us to organize your dive trips or even book a face to face zoom orientation video call.   Ready to dive into Cozumel’s waters? Book your trip below.