Cozumel Currents Control – CCC



“Take me somewhere where there is no current, please.”

If you are a Cozumel diver who has ever asked that, you need to call us up and take this 2-day Cozumel tailored course.

Cozumel is a drift diving destination. You can expect anything from mild to wild currents and you will mostly only find out once you jump in.

As a diver, if you are fully confident in your skill set and able to manage whatever nature throws at you in a such a varying and diverse current situation, you will not just significantly enjoy Cozumel reefs more, you will appreciate and fall in love with this incredible force of nature.

On this course we will teach you:

  • How to handle all types of current
  • Understand dynamics and how to read currents
  • Body positioning
  • Effective kick for different tasks in current
  • Stopping in current
  • Efficient techniques of swimming against current for when needed.

The requirements for taking this course are:

  • Being at least an Open Water diver
  • Schedule overview:

  • This is a two-day training course, which includes 4 dives
  • Recommendations:

  • This course may be demanding, so please come ready mentally to accept the challenge. Going through and paying for the training may not necessarily you may get certified as Humarine CCC diver. Rigorous, standards have to be met before you are awarded the CCC card.