Ocean mermaid specialty




Mermaiding in the ocean can be very different due to the varying water conditions. During this course you will learn some mermaid freediving techniques so you can truly experience the wonders of the ocean! For the ocean mermaid specialty we go out by boat into the big blue.

On this ocean adventure the underwater photographer Quico Abadal will join to make pictures of the mermaids exploring the shipwreck.

During this course you will learn:

  • Safety techniques in the open water
  • Mermaid freediving techniques
  • Boat entry techniques
  • Waves and current
  • Perform a rescue in open water
  • Safety while swimming
  • Buddy system
  • The first steps into increasing your breath hold
  • The requirements for taking this course are:

  • The minimum age for the participants is 12 years.
  • The basic mermaid certification