Wide-Angle Photography



Do you daydream about reef sceneries and larger marine life? Wide-angle photography is for those who prefer to show the full underwater magic in one shot. Cozumel is well known for the shapes of its reef, plenty of coral, gigantous marine sponges and astonishing rock formations. Learn how to compose and illuminate big scenes adding elements such as corals, small and big marine species, the sun ball, divers, boats and much more all in once. Discover photography techniques like split shots, silhouetting and closed-focus wide angle. The Wide-Angle Photography Course is divided into 3 days. During the first morning we will go through a theoretical lesson and on the afternoon we will perform a shore dive. As Cozumel is also well known for its currents, it’s key that we practice our strobe positioning on a calm and shallow dive with mild current. On the second day we will perform two morning dives from the boat. During the afternoon we will revise all images and go through a post processing workshop. On the third day we will perform another two morning dives to finish off.

At all moments your photo pro instructor will be guiding you, both on land and underwater. This course is designed for someone who already has some experience of underwater photography, otherwise we recommend taking the Intro to Underwater Photography Course.

On this course we will teach you:

  • Different wide angle systems Equipment assemble and maintenance
  • Foundations of wide angle photography
  • Light theory – ambient and artificial lighting
  • Strobe positioning
  • Wide angle composition
  • Body positioning
  • Post processing