Deep Specs



The blissful sensation of going deep is simply unexplainable. It is a passion of ours that we would like to share with the Cozumel diving community. The further and deeper you get away from the surface, the sharper your skills and concentration need to be to enjoy this unique voyage to rarely visited places on our reefs. Deep diving is surrounded by a lot of misconceptions, that we would like to dispel. Also, the skill set needed seems to be ignored.

Anyone can just descend to depth they consider deep, however doing it safely and instilling confidence to your dive buddy that they are safe with you at these depths requires proper training.

On this course we will teach you:

  • Correct mentality and discipline for deep diving.
  • Correct body posture including trim, kicks, gear handling.
  • Optimum gear for this type of diving.
  • Handling equipment mal functions at depths.
  • Contingency planning to remedy issues that may arise.
  • Development of confidence to go deep and picking adequate depths according to your skills
  • Choosing correct gasses for different depths.

The requirements for taking this course are:

  • Being at least an Open Water diver
  • Having +20 dives
  • Schedule overview:

  • This is a two-day training course, which includes 4 dives
  • Recommendations:

  • This course may be demanding, so please come ready mentally to accept the challenge. Going through and paying for the training may not necessarily you may get certified as Humarine Deep Specs diver. Rigorous, standards have to be met before you are awarded the deep specs card.