Stage Diving



Who said carrying a stage is for tech divers only? If it were up to us, all divers need to learn to carry an independent source of gas apart from their main gas that is normally carried on their back.

There is nothing technical at all about carrying a stage tank, with the correct trim and perfected buoyancy carrying a stage tank, not only doubles the safety factor by having and independent source of gas but also boosts dive profile management, when filled with the right Nitrox mix for the purpose of the dive, or to suit the topography of the reef. On top of these benefits, carrying a high Oxygen mix, reduces the nitrogen loading on our body!

On this course we will teach you:

  • How to carry a small 40 cf stage tank first and on the second day if you are up for it we may move to an 80 cf tank, only if you want to.
  • Stage bottle rigs.
  • Handling stage bottles correctly.
  • Protocol of switching gases.
  • How to choose a suitable gas for your stage bottle.
  • Breathing 100% Oxygen.


  • Advanced diver from any agency.

Scheduele overview

  • This course may be demanding and physically challenging as you will need to carry more than one tank, so please come ready mentally to accept the challenge.


  • As you will be carrying two tanks, your kicks will have to be stronger! Be ready with all those anti cramp remedies!