Freediving certification


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Freediving is the ultimate way to explore the underwater world with nothing but a single breath. As a freediver, you’ll learn to relax your body and mind, and tune into the present moment. This will connect you deeply with the ocean.

The freediving level 1 course is a three-day program that will enable you to take a deep breath like you never have done before. The course includes two theoretical sessions, one pool session and two ocean sessions.

During the very first day we will go through a morning theory lesson and later go to the swimming pool. There you will learn breath hold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnea. The next day we start again with a theoretical lesson and practice everything we learned the day before in the ocean. During the first open water training, from shore, the instructor will introduce free immersion, duck dives and constant weight dives. On the last day we go out by boat to reach 10 to 20 meters of depth.

Freediving is not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle that promotes mindfulness, inner peace, and a profound appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the ocean.

During this course you will learn:

  • The foundations of freediving
  • Physiology of freediving
  • Breathwork, relaxation and stretching
  • The first steps into increasing your breath hold
  • Equalization techniques for freediving
  • Proper finning techniques in bi-fins
  • Freediving to a depth of 10 – 20 meters
  • Safety while freediving: the buddy system and rescue techniques
  • Freediving disciplines: free-immersion, constant weight, static apnea and dynamic
  • Requirements for taking this course:

  • The minimum age for the participants is 12 years.
  • Being able to swim 400 meters.