Intro to Underwater Photography



Discover the pleasures of underwater photography. This magnifique activity is every day more popular due to the inexpensive technology required. A very simple system plus the use of correct knowledge and technique will allow you to obtain outstanding results. The Intro to Underwater Photography is a course designed for either those who have never shot a camera on land nor underwater and also for those who have already experienced some shooting, but still struggle to squeeze all the potential of their cameras.

The course is divided into 3 days. On the first day we will meet during the morning and have a theoretical lesson. On the afternoon we will perform 1 long and shallow shore dive in which we will practice all the skills and techniques learned that day. During this first dive we will specially fine tune your buoyancy, position, kicking… these will affect your photography game. On the second day we will perform two more shore dives, with the possibility of adding artificial lighting. After the dives we will go back to the Humarine HQ and and work on some of the photographs taken during the 3 dives, using Lightroom. On the third and last day we will perform 2 boat dives. Again, after the dives we will go back to Humarine HQ and work on some more photographs, this time adding Photoshop to your working process.

The objective is to make of you a competent underwater photographers with a strong base of good habits. At all moments your photo pro instructor will be guiding you, both on land and underwater.


On this course we will teach you:

  • Foundations of underwater photography
  • Different camera systems
  • Equipment assemble and maintenance
  • To make use of the manual mode
  • Light theory
  • Composition
  • Body positioning
  • Subject selection and approach
  • To dive as photographer and not just a diver
  • File management
  • Post production through Lightroom and Photoshop
  • We encourage participants to bring their own camera.